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How Full Production Photography Services Solve Client Problems with LeCerre Skincare

How Full Production Photography Services Solve Client Problems with LeCerre Skincare
Words by Jordan Dyck 30 Apr, 2021 0 comments

Discover how full production photography services can be the answer to a client’s content needs in this case study with non-toxic skincare brand, LeCerre Skincare.

Across the world, brands have an extensive list of ever-evolving marketing needs that they need to adhere to in today’s digital landscape. Beautiful, curated content is shared daily across our social media channels and through traditional advertising- but how does that content get created efficiently and in a professional manner? The answer is full production photography services. At Jacob Lund, our team works on more than just stock photography- which we’ll admit, we’re known for. Full production photography services is another branch of our business, allowing us to customize unique content packages that address our clients’ marketing needs in today’s landscape. 

Cathy Beaupain, the founder and CEO of LeCerre Skincare, approached us in December 2020 with a request for beauty shots that emphasize diversity and natural beauty. We were intrigued. But what is considered to be diverse and what is considered to be natural beauty? When asking Cathy “What is diversity?“ she explained that for LeCerre Skincare, “diversity is about different age groups, skin tones, racial makeup, as well as gender.” That became our brief, and that was the catalyst for our group to start considering how we could create a custom photography package that was a solution for this question.

In today’s article, we’re exploring how a full production photography service package was used to customize a unique content strategy for Cathy and how it became the perfect solution for LeCerre Skincare’s marketing needs.

LeCerre Skincare

Full Production Photography Services at Jacob Lund

While our team at Jacob Lund is well known for executing high-quality stock images- we offer other photography services and custom packages for client’s around the world, including custom full production photography work. We have spent years crafting the necessary infrastructure to create custom photography work for our clients and have employed an expert in-house team to realize every stage of a client’s photography production needs. Whether or not you need a full production photography service, stock images, or both, we work as a team based on your individual needs and budget. 

Our full production photography services include crafting a team unique to your brand’s goals, providing production, photography, videography, retouching, styling and set design- all under one roof through our full production service offering.


Getting Creative with Economical Full Production Photography Services

If you’re a brand looking at creating high-quality, content-focused imagery- we can help build a package specific to your needs. It’s known that full production services can end up being rather expensive when putting this together yourself, which is why we also offer the opportunity for our clients to create unique packages that suit a variety of budgets. If you’re looking for an introductory-level full photography package without the big price tag, we can create a package suitable to your needs by creating stock imagery for our own collection during the process of production. “If client’s don’t have a need for exclusivity, and we can use the content for licensing on stock- clients can potentially save up to 90% on production costs,” says Jacob Lund.

We’ll work with you to create a consistent and effective brand strategy through custom content creation. By allowing us to also license some images created during the campaign for our stock library, you get to save money on your overall budget. This is a really effective way to create unique visual assets for your business without the large overhead costs typically associated with full production photography services.

The Stages of Full Production Photography Services at Jacob Lund

When it comes to creating a cohesive visual strategy for the content you need for your business, we work as a team to execute your vision and brief. When LeCerre Skincare approached us with their personalised brief and content goals, our team took their vision and created a full service package tailored to their unique needs. This process involves a multi-step pre-production, production, and post-production process that includes (but is not limited to) the following stages.

Jacob Lund and Courtney Gretchen on video call with client

Step 1: Identify Brand DNA and Campaign Goals

We worked alongside our client Cathy Beaupain, CEO and founder of LeCerre Skincare,  to develop a brand and visual concept that effectively told her brands story. In particular to this client, Cathy loved the style of our beauty content but she specifically wanted a more diverse group of models to showcase her clean, performance skincare range that focuses on pigmented skin tones.

When asked about the inspiration behind working with Jacob Lund, Cathy said “LeCerre Skincare develops high quality performance skincare for pigmented skin tones.  We needed a photographer that reflected our unique perspective and realized that a custom photo shoot selecting models that best represent our vision was needed.” 

On our first call with Cathy Beaupain, we took note of her specific requests. To specifically create a production just for her exclusive use of the content would be outside her budget range, but by us being able to sculpt the brief to include shots that would work for our stock library as well as exceeding Cathy’s requirements for her business, we were able to create an option where Cathy achieved exclusivity of a certain number of images for a certain period whilst we were able to use the remaining shots.

 Production planning

Step 2: Production Planning

The next step was to work as an internal team to develop a unique plan to execute the production according to the criteria developed in step one. This included various steps such as art direction, model casting, stylist briefs, and talent booking. 

Casting was completed by our team based on who we felt uniquely suited LeCerre’s brand and the brief we were given. As the CEO and founder, Cathy was consulted before finalising the models, and we moved on into production. Creative projects like this always inspire our team and although LeCerre's brief was somewhat unique compared to what other beauty content was being produced- it aligned with our work as it was a relevant area and trend that is currently being embraced and celebrated a lot more in today’s world. It became an incredibly interesting project to be a part of.

LeCerre Skincare photoshoot

Step 3: Photoshoot

Now comes the fun part- creating the content. Here at Jacob Lund, we always aim to tell stories and our work with LeCerre Skincare is no exception to that. During the photoshoot, we focused on creating images that emphasized and aligned with the client’s vision, delivering memorable and original images that move their consumers and brand loyalists.

Working with us has enabled LeCerre Skincare to receive high quality, personalized content. Cathy and her team influenced colour schemes of backdrops as well as models and the style of shots she wanted (close-ups, portraits, product placement).  We were able to curate the content to meet both parties focus points- a win-win for any full production photoshoot.

When asked about the images and campaign, Cathy said “I am excited to add diversity to the beauty conversation and showcase natural skin health. Over the past decade, we have been bombarded with messages of heavy makeup and contours on social and media. I do enjoy makeup as a tool for artistic expression but I am concerned about it being used as a tool to hide.  So I hope this campaign encourages people to feel comfortable in their own skin.”

 Jacob Lund Production Behind the scenes

Step 4: Post Production and Delivering the Images

Several members of our internal team are responsible for post-production services, which include editing the final images so they match the client’s unique visual identity as well as re-touching and making background adjustments before delivering the final batch to clients. We want our client’s to be thrilled when they receive the final set of images and this campaign with LeCerre Skincare was no exception to that. “I received my first glimpse of photos about 2 months ago. I was so excited to see the authenticity of the models shine through. LeCerre advocates clean natural beauty, and these photos convey an approachable and inclusive view of beauty” says Cathy, founder and CEO of LeCerre Skincare.  

When we work with clients on full production photography services, our goal is always to ensure our clients expectations are exceeded when they receive their final images. With LeCerre Skincare working with our team at Jacob Lund, it enabled them to receive the personalized content they needed. As always, our team is happy to craft individualized packages that suit our client’s unique needs and budget.

If you’re interested in working with us then get in touch with your requests today by filling out this form to get started on your own customized photography package.


LeCerre Skincare deliverable

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