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Can I get exclusive rights to an image?
Absolutely! For our enterprise clients who require exclusivity, we offer a Buyout Royalty-Free License. When you opt for this, we remove the selected image from all our sales channels for a specific duration that you choose. During this period, the image will not be available for new purchases by other customers. This ensures you have exclusive use of the image for the time you've purchased it for. For pricing details, please reach out to us directly.
How do you decide what photoshoots to do?
Our production schedule is driven by our customers’ needs and our evolving creative direction. If you have an idea for a shoot, have a look at our Request Photo page.
Do you need models for photoshoots?
Yes. As lots of our productions are lifestyle photos, we need real people – professional and amateur models of all ages. Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram stories for casting calls on our profile, @jacoblundphoto.
Are your photos model and property released?
Yes. Every photo in our collection that features recognizable individuals or properties comes with the necessary model and property releases. This means we have formal agreements in place with all recognizable models and locations featured in our shots. You can use our images with confidence, knowing that they are fully compliant with legal standards.
Can you be booked for photoshoots?
We offer bespoke photography services tailored to your specific needs. To get a feel for the kind of commercial work we do, you can check out our portfolio at
Can I get a site like this?
Absolutely, and it's easier than ever! We've come a long way since we first launched our own platform. Now, we offer Pixify, an app designed specifically for Shopify stores that allows photographers, videographers, illustrators, and vector artists to sell their content directly. It brings together all the features and customizations we've developed for our own site, streamlined for easy use. To learn more and get started, visit
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