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Visualizing (and Celebrating) a Post-Covid World in Images

Friends burning face masks
Words by Jordan Dyck 16 Jul, 2021 0 comments

We’re not going to sugar coat it - it’s been a tough year for the world. But as we look towards a post-pandemic world as more and more countries continue to be vaccinated, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel. We’re all ready to celebrate positivity together again, and rejoice in togetherness as we connect with loved ones whose physical embrace we’ve missed.

In today’s article, we’re sharing a few of our favorite celebration visuals to use as we progress out of a Covid-19 world, and how our team is looking ahead as we navigate content production going forward.

Stock photo of friends enjoying a luxury picnicWe’re ready to celebrate and get together again with our friends and family. This image is available as part of our Champagne Picnic collection.

Post-Covid Celebration Visuals: Coming Together Again

The following is a list of several themes that we’re excited to begin using as we move towards a future of togetherness, post-Covid. At Jacob Lund, our specialty is lifestyle content featuring people doing the things we love. And boy, have we missed capturing celebratory moments like these ones.


Theme: Family Reunions 

I think we’re all on the same page when we say that reuniting with our family is one of the things we’re looking forward to most. In a truly global world, many of us have family members all around the world who have been separated from each other due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, as vaccination rates continue to rise, more and more people are reconnecting with their loved ones. Whether it’s reuniting in airports, arriving home from the road, or as simple as cooking dinner together- family reunion imagery is on the rise.

Family coming over at grandparents for Christmas dinnerReuniting with our extended families is something we’re all dreaming of. This image is available as part of our Families collection.


About to go on family vacationIt’s time to reunite with our loved ones. This image is available in our Families collection.


Excited couple announcing their pregnancy at a partyCelebrating love and life together as a family. This image is available as part of our Lifestyle collection.

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Theme: Warm Embraces

The poet John Keats once said “touch has a memory” and we couldn’t agree more. Physical distancing restrictions have forced many of us to forgo our traditional friendly greetings- from a warm hug to a respectful handshake. As restrictions lift, visuals of warm embraces amongst friends and family, hand shakes and fist pumps amongst colleagues will begin to trend. We’re all craving a bit of connection, and a warm embrace is truly one of the best gifts we can give each other.

Friends having a great time meeting in a cafeIntimate moments with friends you haven’t seen in a while? We’re ready for it. This image is available as part of our Coffee Shop collection.

 Stock photo of a couple sleeping on bed togetherSometimes all you need is a warm embrace. This image is available in our Families collection.


Stock photo of a couple meeting at airport arrival gateWe’re fully ready to embrace the season of hugs. This image is available as part of our Post-Pandemic Family Travel collection


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Theme: A Return to Office

For the past year, work might have looked a little different than many of us are used to. While working from home was a requirement for many people around the world, as we move towards this new future- people are returning to work in a whole new way. You may see more cubicles and small office spaces for a while instead of open-plan layouts, and less meetings as we ease back into work life. Here are some images that celebrate a return to normal for work.

Businesswoman at her workplaceWorking at the office might mean more independent spaces, and less open-office layouts. This image is available as part of our Creative Office Days collection.

Meeting space in a modern office interior
There may be more intimate meeting room spaces like this, instead of large boardrooms as office spaces look for innovative ways to get people together. This image is available as part of our Creative Office Days collection.


Businesswoman standing and talking on phoneTaking in those office views has never been more gratifying. This image is available as part of our Day at the Office collection.

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Theme: Group Activities Are On 

If there’s one thing that we desperately missed during this pandemic, it was the feeling of togetherness that came from group-based activities. Whether you are an avid gym-lover or attended a weekly pottery class- I think we’re all pretty excited to resume group activities with our friends and colleagues. With this imagery, expect to see happy faces back at their classes, enjoying new moments with friends and spending much-needed time out of the home.

 Women doing boxing workoutFitness classes are back and better than ever. This image is available as part of our Female Fitness Class collection.

Yoga for good healthCan’t beat yoga with a view. This image is available as part of the Resort Yoga Session collection.

Woman teaching the art of pot makingTaking a class with a friend or loved one? We can’t wait. This image is available as part of the Pottery collection. 

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Theme: Sports and Music Events

Whether it’s the good ol’ hockey game or an intimate outdoor concert, visuals celebrating events around the world are beginning to trend. Our Facebook feeds are overflowing with music festival announcements and growing attendance at sport events, so we’re looking forward to seeing more of this imagery come to light once again.

In a post-Covid world, images of events and games might look a bit different however. For a transition period, you may see empty chairs in between guests, or hand sanitizer stations at the ends of rows. While events may look different in visuals, we sure are looking forward to getting together for some fun with friends.

Female fans taking a selfie at a football match
Nothing beats attending the game with your best friends. This image is available as part of the Stadium Crowd collection.

Hippie friends having a great time at music festival
We’re all looking forward to enjoying outdoor music festivals. This image is available as part of our Festival Friends collection.

Group of socialites enjoying dancing at new years party
If music and sports events aren’t your thing, expect to be celebrating at galas and parties in a post-Covid world. This image is available as part of our Gala Night collection.

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Theme: Resuming Traveling

As travel restrictions begin to lift around the world and vaccination rates continue to rise, resuming traveling is on the top of many of our minds. For wanderlust feet that are itching to go, borders have begun to open and leisure travel is resuming. Imagery of this however, might look a bit different after Covid. As we discussed [Insert Link] in our behind-the-scenes sneak peek at our latest travel shoot in the Cape Town International Airport, there are a lot of new restrictions to follow in airports. From limited luggage carts and temperature screening, to increased hand sanitizing stations- expect to see an update to travel imagery that takes place in airports, bus stations and other transportation locales.

Friendly ground attendant at airport during pandemic
Self-service kiosks, like this, may be the new normal. This image is available in our Post-Pandemic Travel collection.

Check in at airport with immunity passport
Are vaccination passports the new normal? We’ll have to wait and see. This image is available in our Post-Pandemic Travel collection.

Besides the act of taking a trip, another thing that will look different in this category is what people are doing while they are travelling. For example, we expect to see smaller group trips vs. large tourist groups for the time being as people travel places a little more intimately. Rather than showing crowds at popular destinations, we have a feeling travel imagery in a post-Covid world will celebrate intimate moments in more hidden places.

Family enjoying on their road trip
Travelling with family might look more like road trips and camping trips for a while, instead of large international vacations. This image is available as part of our Self-Drive Holiday collection.

Luxury holiday on an overwater villa
Luxury holidays might give travelers more opportunities to have intimate moments abroad. This image is available as part of our Memorable Nights collection.

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