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Do you want to join our team as a keyworder?

Do you want to join our team as a keyworder?
16 Feb, 2024 0 comments

📍 Location: Cape Town, South Africa (on-site)
⏰ Part-time job

🔍The role: 
We are searching for a passionate and self-motivated keyworder with good written English proficiency and with an understanding of search engines. You will also be responsible for uploading our selected content to our stock agency websites. You do not need prior experience in photography or in-depth knowledge of IT. Still, it’s an advantage if you are tech-savvy and are experienced in working with Apple computers.


👩‍💻 Key responsibilities will be:

  • Researching, discovering, and expanding relevant SEO keyword trends to optimise our stock library and our ability to connect our content with potential buyers.
  • Coming up with creative, compelling, high-quality keyword associations for each image.
  • Consistently developing our SEO strategy alongside the Director to enhance growth and relevance in our content reaching our customer market.  This will include monitoring and implementing daily performance metrics to analyse keywords and ensure they are associated with the correct images.
  • You will be responsible for uploading our digital photos and videos to image agencies. You'll become responsible for ensuring all our content reaches the right platforms.
  • Providing insight to other team members about areas for improvement in our current SEO plans and strategies and around best practice methods.


🌟 About you:

  • You are a creative thinker with an analytical and tech-savvy mindset. As a company full of creatives, it is essential you can see opportunities that can ensure our content captured can be reached easily by our buyers.
  • You are self-motivated.  You must be comfortable under your own direction.
  • Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools to strengthen our online rankings and to boost our content’s position on our contributor platforms.
  • Fluency in English is a must.
  • Appropriate work visa/permanent residency or citizenship to work in South Africa.


📸 About Jacob Lund Photography: 
Jacob Lund Photography specialises in the production of premium lifestyle photography. We strive to challenge the way we shoot as well as the themes and environments we create our content in. Our main focus is to capture top of the line content that is relevant in our present world and is adapted to consistently meet online trends and the demand of our buyers. We do most of our productions in-house and license the content for stock libraries. Besides that we do a few bespoke shoots for clients every year.


💭 What is it like working with us?
We are an ambitious bunch of creatives doing this because we can - not because we have to. We strive to do everything a little better every day, and we love pushing our boundaries to get better and explore new opportunities.

We offer a very ‘2024’ style work environment - one where flexibility is key and with the expectation that people are self-motivated and can manage their own time and work output. You will be supported by people who celebrate diversity and a collaborative workplace culture.


📝 How to apply:
Before submitting your application, we ask you to do an initial screening test where you’ll have to keyword a few files. If you have no experience with keywording - we suggest you find resources on how to do this via online search.

  1. Write a motivational letter, or EVEN better - record it as a Loom.
  2. Complete the keyworder screening test.
  3. Download the test files via this link (password: jlp-kwd).
    You must apply a title, description and 25-35 keywords to each photo. Keywords must be relevant and represent the words buyers would search for in order to find the pictures in a database. The most important keywords should be in the title and description as well. See examples of how we keyword our content on Titles, descriptions and keywords must be embedded in the JPEG files.
  4. Save your keyworded files in a ZIP. Name it
  5. Upload the keywording test via this link.
  6. Submit your application via this link.


If you would like to hear more about the role and how you can contribute to our team, please feel free to contact Jess Brierley via

📅 Applications close 5th of April 2024.


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