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📸 URGENT: Casting call for sports talent in Cape Town!

📸 URGENT: Casting call for sports talent in Cape Town!
03 Nov, 2023 0 comments

We are casting for a series of photoshoots capturing competitive sports. 

We’re seeking highly skilled male and female athletes for a unique opportunity to be featured in our stock library photos and AI / machine learning purposes. 

We need talent in the following sports:

  • Soccer ⚽️
  • Cricket 🏏
  • Golf ⛳️
  • Basketball 🏀
  • Tennis 🎾
  • Baseball ⚾️


Each day from the 10th to the 15th of November 2023, we'll focus on shooting one sport, and we are looking for talent for each of these shoot days. We are looking for exceptional athletes with a high level of expertise in any of the listed sports.

Shoot details

  • Location: Various iconic venues across the Cape Town area.
  • Dates: Daily shoots from November 10th to November 15th, one sport per day.
  • Compensation: Participants will be paid for their time and talent.

How to apply

To apply, please send us your details via this link. 👈  Don’t forget to indicate which day(s) you’re available and the sport you specialize in. Please mention your level of expertise and confirm if you can bring your own equipment.

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